The Five NBCCC Goals (with Objectives)

To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people in a timely, culturally relevant and meaningful way.


  1. Bring together small faith groups of African Americans, for the purpose of evangelization.
  2. Using the gifts of African American spirituality, reach out to the engaged Church, to those not evangelized and to those who need to be re-evangelized.
  3. Develop a network of available catechists, revivalists and speakers.
  4. Develop, promote and distribute culturally appropriate resources for RCIA evangelization forge partnerships with those already providing such resources.

To afford each member of our community with the educational opportunities / resources needed for successful living.


  1. Develop tools to assist in the catechists of those we serve as we continue to learn and share our culture.
  2. Organize Black Catholic community to actually engage in Church diocese / archdiocese decision-making. 
  3. Develop or promote programs / materials designed to create awareness of Black Catholic history and culture.
  4. Assist with the strengthening and developing of Catholic education.

To restore society to God’s plan and purpose for humanity by speaking and acting boldly to promote systemic change in our communities, our nation and our world.


  1. Create a response system to address injustice and racism as they occur.
  2. Develop lines of communication with community advocacy groups who are addressing the same issues.
  3. Empower people by increasing their awareness and knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching to address issues of injustice and racism.

To increase awareness and discernment of God’s call to serve.


  1. In religious education, schools and churches, stress the sacramental call of holy orders and matrimony as well as the call to the consecrated life.
  2. Encourage and sponsor vocation awareness days and programs targeting African American youth.
  3. Support and highlight the dignity of the religious call and single life.
  4. Assign ordained and vowed religious with seminarians and prospective candidates.
  5. Increase vocations to — and improve the health and longevity of — marriage withing the Black community.
  6. Strengthen NBCCC as a fraternal organization to help us in our own vocations.
  7. Recruit, develop and support indigenous Black clergy and religious.

To increase NBCCC membership and engagement.


  1. Hire an executive director.
  2. Encourage full participation in NBCCC conferences and activities.
  3. Develop a relevant and effective infrastructure for timely communication to and among our board, our membership, our potential members and the general public.
  4. Commission the acquisition and analysis of current African American Catholic demographic data.
  5. Create a budget.

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2019 NBCCC Lifetime Achievement Award

2019 NBCCC Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Brother Roy Smith, C.S.C.




  • National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus
  • Pan African Roman Catholic Clergy Caucus (PARCCC)
  • Black Catholic History Month (November)
  • Institute of Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University, New Orleans






  • National Black Catholic Seminarians Association (NBCSA)






  • National Association of African American Catholic Deacons (now National Association of Black Catholic Deacons, NABCD)






  • National Office for Black Catholics (NOBC)
  • Black Catholic Theological Symposium






  • Declaration on Racism in the Catholic Church
  • Black Catholic Men of God



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  • Black Unity and Spiritual Togetherness (B.U.S.T.)
  • National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life (NBCAL)
  • Ambassadors of the Word






  • Rebirth of the National Black Catholic Congress




NBCCC's Goals






3 Components of NBCCC

National Black Catholic Congress

National Black Sisters' Conference

National Association of Black Catholic Deacons

Institute for Black Catholic Studies (IBCS)

National Black Catholic Seminarians Association

Black Catholic Theological Symposium

National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life

Black Catholic Clergy of Atlanta