Samuel Remembers

For Fr. George Clements, Seer and Prophet

Each time

I sit here on the helping stone


I have seen the storm used it to soothe their desires

And when my bones have ached with fire

that was

the true voice I tell them

waking me

to rush to the elder and warn him of his sons

Wearing the robes my mother wrapped around me

searching against my own heart’s whispers

for a man

who would not satisfy their disturbed dreams

and then

wandering into the far reaches

yet again

I was the last of the old ones of the old ways

I am he who shaped the way it must now be

By holding

a small bowl of oil


the beautiful boy

and sending him to dance

against the giants

rushing to grind us

into small beads of sorrow

Oh the promise

I felt

and feel

and know

It was my mother’s

voice that sounded me


I sit here knowing

the storm

can be used

the fire can be called

the ache can be


— Luke

29 April 2019/for 3 May 2019

Anniversary of Ordination: 3 May 1957

[“Ebenezer: The Stone of Help”]